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Institut de Biologie Paris Seine Sorbonne Université, França

Dr. Elias El-Habr is an associate professor at Sorbonne University and member of the GlialPlasticity and Neuro-oncology team (IBPS - Neurosciences Paris-Seine). He has been working on brain tumors since the beginning of his scientific career. He realized his PhD at the Medical
school of Athens where he explored the molecular alterations leading to the deregulation of signal transduction pathways and their clinical impact in brain tumors. During his post-doc in Paris he lead a project aimed at understanding the role of metabolism in malignant gliomas.
His research revealed new mechanisms by which metabolism affects the behavior of glioma cells through the control of epigenetic regulations. His current project combines computational and experimental approaches for a systemic exploration of metabolism and its 
related vulnerabilities in glioma cells.

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